March 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the fourth edition of the BTSA monthly newsletter.

Let me indulge in a bit of a history lesson.

I started teaching in 1985. For those who know me even a little, I would expect at least a certain level of surprise that one who looks so obviously much younger could have been teaching in 1985 – and I accept your incredulity with grateful thanks! But to continue … it was a time before the National Curriculum, SATs, assessment of sub-levels; Ofsted hadn’t been invented and there were no such things as league tables. Schools didn’t even manage their own budgets. Classroom observations were way off in the future and MATs were what you asked children to wipe their feet on after playtime. It was a very different world.

And yet one has to ask: is it better today or were the days gone by really the “Good ole days”? I ask this, because, seismic though those changes listed above were, in one sense, the biggest changes are happening right now, in front of our eyes, and we’re not only witnesses to this, but participants and leaders. And new times, need new ways of thinking. As a large teaching school we not immune to the significant challenges which face all of us but through all of this we are determined to continue to do the right thing in terms of working with you, and to do it “right”!

We are grateful for your partnership with us, and hope you find this newsletter of interest and support.

Andrew Warren
Director of BTSA and Chair of the Teaching Schools Council

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