Free resources for primary Science teachers from BBC Terrific Scientific

There’s still time to sign up for the BBC’s Terrific Scientific.

In this article Johannah Dyer, Executive Producer of BBC Terrific Scientific, talks about the project.

Terrific Science BBC

Aimed at 9 – 11 year olds, there are free resources, lesson plans, classroom investigations and an online map to share your results with other schools around the UK. The project will run until summer 2018, and 4,500 primary schools have registered already.

They’ve enjoyed our first two investigations:

  • “Lovely resources”
  • “We were really inspired and think that science is fun”
  • “It makes science really exciting for everyone”
  • “Fantastic time taking part”
  • “Can’t wait for the next one”
  • “Our class absolutely LOVED this experiment”

What’s coming up?

Coming up, our next investigation is all about time.

Investigation 3: Time has activities specially designed for the weeks around the clocks changing on 26 March, so start planning now.

We want classes across the UK to investigate how this affects pupils’ sleep and alertness, by keeping a sleep diary and conducting some simple tests of their reactions. Our lesson resources, including a ‘how to film’, parental consent forms and all the information you need to plan the activities we have lined up, are now live on the BBC’s Terrific Scientific website here. 

Want to get involved?

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

Register here if your school hasn’t already – or visit the website to find out more.

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