Can we ever do too much professional nourishing?

Executive Head and BTSA associate facilitator David Alston reminds us of the importance of professional nourishment.

When I first took up gardening it was much to the surprise of my emerald fingered father. He’d prompted, pushed and pleaded but to little success, perhaps the odd turn of a wheeled blade, but that was it.

When I bought my own house I became enlightened and loved and tended my garden with pride. One problem persisted; my hanging baskets. I would buy good compost, good plants and pack them in tightly. They would show initial flourish and vitality, but by August, when those of my neighbours were in full flower, mine looked as if they’d had enough. And they had.

Several years passed, with the same results.

Then a visitor said to me, your hanging baskets are dying, are you nourishing them? Whilst I had manured and mulched my vegetables, it never crossed my mind that flowers need the same. Amazingly, after some trimming and cajoling, with plenty of drops of Miracle Grow the hanging baskets found new life and stunned my family by lasting into the first frosts of October.

How are we nourishing our colleagues?

Is it a bit of water now and again?

Or is it devoted support which nourishes their soul and enriches their experiences?

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