From the third worst school in England to Good with Outstanding features!

Well done to all at Saint Nathaniel’s Academy in Stoke-on-Trent for their recent Ofsted Report.

From the third worst school in England to Good with Outstanding features!

The role of BTSA and the St. Bart’s Trust recognised

The report fully acknowledges the high-quality staff training provided by BTSA and fantastic work being done by the Trust.

The school is a member of The St Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust and the report made a specific mention that “the work of the trust, along with Britannia Teaching School Alliance, has been highly effective in helping to secure improvements in all aspects of the school.”

The report carried on to say that “as a result of high-quality training, high expectations and effective performance management, teaching, learning and assessment are good across the school.” It also noted that staff at the school “speak positively about the effectiveness of the training opportunities provided and their positive impact on improving their teaching skills.”

One staff member was quoted as saying that “training is seen as improving a skill as opposed to plugging a deficiency.”

A big congratulations to all involved.

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